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The 5 Biggest challenges couples in business face

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"I feel the weight of responsibility to make it work for all of us — my partner, our daughter and our staff. There’s no safety net and no second income to bail us out if things go wrong."

"He doesn’t take instruction very well." "She doesn't listen to me." 

"When you’re cranky at them it’s hard to have sex!"

"It’s brought up all of our ‘stuff’ about being able to communicate clearly with each other - especially when we have different communication styles."

"We never clock off . It is continual. Full-on. It's 24/7."

"We struggle with the all-consuming nature of it. We can’t prioritise the kids or each other, it always seems to be the business. Work creeps into all of our conversations!!!"

* Results from the Couples in Business Research Survey 2017. Get the Top 50 Challenges checklist here.

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About the Creators

Edward and Rebecca

Edward and Rebecca Plant share a name, a bed, two children and two businesses. They also understand the pressure that this crazy cocktail can put on your relationship and your business.

Since Ed and Bec first started working with business owners seven years ago, the most rewarding results have come via couples in business together. Using smart strategies, leadership skills and team support tactics, Ed and Bec support couples to double their income and their time off without sacrificing their relationships.

By defining and combining their strengths, couples can affect major change in their business and personal lives. The flow-on effects from each couple to their families, staff, clients and communities is what drives Edward and Rebecca to support couples in business on a global scale.

The Institute for Couples in Business is a community, a tool box and set of systems designed by a husband-and wife team specifically for Couples in Business to master the Art of Working Together.

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