How to create SYSTEMS to save you time and money in your business and set it up to grow.

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Being clear on the direction that your business is going in will help you to define the right areas to focus your time and energy on. Knowing what those focus areas
are provides to basis for deciding which systems will help you to achieve that most efficiently and effectively. We'll share the skills to help you CREATE CLARITY as a couple and across your business. 



Having a clear process around systems is a game changer for you business. Systems save you time, money and energy because you, your partner and everyone in your team has a clear path to follow week after week. Without systems things are slow, stress is high and results are unreliable. We will share with you the value of systems and how to create them.



Having smart systems is one thing, but implementing them into your business is another step in the process that you need to get right. This can be a challenge for business owners so we'll be sharing how to get these up and running in your business to set you and your team up for reliable results month and create a strong foundation from which your business can grow. 

PLUS: Learn the 9 Foundations all Couples in Business need to nail to move from survivability to FREEDOM.

About the Creators

Edward and Rebecca

Edward and Rebecca Plant share a name, a bed, two children and two businesses. They also understand the pressure that this crazy cocktail can put on your relationship and your business.

Since Ed and Bec first started working with business owners seven years ago, the most rewarding results have come via couples in business together. Using smart strategies, leadership skills and team support tactics, Ed and Bec support couples to double their income and their time off without sacrificing their relationships.

By defining and combining their strengths, couples can affect major change in their business and personal lives. The flow-on effects from each couple to their families, staff, clients and communities is what drives Edward and Rebecca to support couples in business on a global scale.

The Institute for Couples in Business is a community, a tool box and set of systems designed by a husband-and wife team specifically for Couples in Business to master the Art of Working Together.

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