Couples in Business in the Sunrise spotlight

By Janelle Estreich

While many intelligent folk argue that Valentine’s Day is a total rort contrived by commercial interests, other more sensitive souls believe it to be about romance and spending time with the person you love.

And while most might enjoy that for an evening or even a day, ‘normal’ couples can’t (and don’t want to) imagine what it’s like being together almost 24-7…

That’s what Channel 7’s Sunrise team called on Edward and Rebecca Plant to discuss when they appeared on the program as part of their Valentine’s Day special.

As the Founders of Institute for Couples in Business (and a husband-and-wife team themselves), Ed and Bec understand the complex dynamics of mixing Boardrooms and Bedrooms. In this National Television exclusive, they give a glimpse into the challenges faced by couples who work, live and love together, and how they aim to support them through their work at the Institute for Couples in Business.

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