The impact of trust inside your business
In this week’s episode of Boardrooms and Bedrooms,  I’m chatting with a couple who’ve been doing great things inside our[...]
How to Have a Fight
When I realised this episode would fall on Valentine’s Day, I almost changed the topic. Being the day of all[...]
3 Challenges to Balanced Growth
Balance and Growth. They are the two things that most couples who work together want the most. The concept to[...]
The 9 Steps to Make Goals Stick
New Year’s resolutions. Who makes them? More importantly, who makes them stick? A Forbes article I read said studies have[...]
Best of 2018: Let Go To Grow
This month we’re revisiting our three most popular podcasts from 2018 — our first year on the air waves. Coming[...]
Best of 2018: What to Focus on in a Crisis
Welcome to our FIRST episode for 2019! I hope wherever this finds you in the world, you’re feeling rested, relaxed[...]
The Business Balancer — How To Make It Easy
Today’s episode is the second in our two-part training series 'The Together Business Balancer - how to fix your broken[...]
The Business Balancer — Why It’s Hard
Today’s episode is the first in a special two-part series on the uniqueness of being a couple in business —[...]
The Super Power of Two
Today’s guests are leadership consultants and newlyweds Dot Yam and Tiffany Baxter, who live in Sydney’s lovely northern beaches. Married[...]
Single focus creates faster success
Welcome to today’s Superpower Secret Session where we hack how to create a single focus to get faster results. All[...]
Regaining Confidence after time out of the workforce
Once upon a time, there was a Fair Maiden. She was satisfied with her life, steady in a good job[...]
Your 1-Page Marketing Plan
Welcome to today’s Superpower Secret Session: The 1-Page Marketing Plan. Today’s episode is inspired by our last conversation with marketing[...]
Your marketing roadmap
Marketing can be a really challenging aspect of running a couple-led business…. Who’s the face or the voice? What’s your[...]
Collect more cash before Christmas
All of our podcasts are built to deliver a sense of being to you, an awareness that you are not[...]
How to get more holidays
We’re coming to you today from a small island off the coast of Townsville, North Queensland, where there is not[...]
Knowing Your Market
Anyone who has ever lead a charge in anything - by that, I mean been the first person to do[...]
Balancing Growth
It’s a pleasure to have you here with Ed and I for today’s SuperPower Secrets Session: Balancing Growth. Our aim[...]
Forward Planning for Growth
Do you remember when you were about to birth your first child - of the human variety? Remember how exciting[...]
Crisis: What to Focus on First
Today’s episode of Boardrooms and Bedrooms is a SuperPower Secrets Session on What to Focus on during a Crisis. These[...]
Finding fresh opportunity amidst failure
Have you ever failed? Did that experience leave you feeling a little scarred? And what would you say if I[...]
How to manage Virtual Teams
Today’s episode of Boardrooms and Bedrooms is a SuperPower Secrets Session on Managing Virtual Teams. These sessions are dedicated to[...]
Building a Conscious Business
Today’s guests are global entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the term, with team and business in every continent of[...]
Creating true capacity
Today, Ed and I are talking about one of the biggest stumbling blocks for any business person: Capacity. By that,[...]
The joy behind the jewellery with Mr and Mrs UberKate
What would your business look like if you stopped making decisions based on what a market demands, or a number[...]
How to choose and implement the right opportunities
I am super excited to have you here with Ed and I for today’s SuperPower Secrets Session: Opportunities Everywhere: Which[...]
Communicate to create harmony
Hello there and welcome back to the Boardrooms and Bedrooms podcast. It’s Rebecca here and I’m excited to have you[...]
It can’t be all Business, Business, Business
Welcome back to the Boardrooms and Bedrooms podcast, for today’s SuperPower Secrets Session. Our SS Sessions are dedicated to giving[...]
Making time for each other
When it comes to doing business, Karen and Wayne Phillip are not on their first rodeo. In their lives BEFORE[...]
How to Avoid Double-Handling
Welcome back to the Boardrooms and Bedrooms podcast, for today’s SuperPower Secrets Session. It’s the time we dedicate to giving[...]
Snap happy: 1100% growth in 2.5 years!
What would you give to be in a place where the only handbrake on your growth was your desire to[...]
Listen to understand
Welcome to another Superpower Secrets Session. This is the time we dedicate to giving you the ‘How tos’ for the[...]
The couple creating cutting-edge connection
Speaking with couples in business each week, there are certain factors that continually present as having the BIGGEST influence on[...]
How to identify your Superpowers
Welcome to another Superpower Secrets Session. This is the time we dedicate to giving you the ‘How tos’ for the[...]
The right mix of Yin and Yang
He’s a Sri Lankan-Aussie and she’s Puerto Rican-American. In their own words, they are complete embodiments of the Yin and[...]
How to set up successful conversations
Welcome to another SuperPower Secrets Session. This is the time we dedicate to giving you the ‘How tos’ for the[...]
Behind the scenes on a new business-love venture
Do you ever stop to remember what it felt like when you and your partner first got together? When we[...]
Building boundaries
When Ed and I first started working together 10 years ago, we were living in a two-bedroom apartment which also[...]
A business built on passion
When Kerry Anne Nelson arrived home from work one day to find her husband of 12 years laying face down[...]
Making time for what matters
“One father is more than 100 school masters.” This quote by British poet George Herbert is the guiding principle behind[...]
Communication = Connection
This week on Boardrooms and Bedrooms we deliver the first of our Superpower Secret Sessions, which delve deeper on the[...]
Let’s talk about Sex (your business depends on it)
Let’s be honest here - talking about things like sex and intimacy can be all a bit uncomfortable for a[...]
Building a business in the midst of adversity
They say love conquers all, and this week’s episode of Boardrooms and Bedrooms offers up our most inspiring struggle-to-success story[...]
Why business meetings reignite the love spark
Krystal and Curtis Jackson founded their business, Jackson Strength, to help both athletes and run-of-the-mill individuals to maintain their health[...]
Power of HER in Business
  On this episode, Rebecca Plant sits on the other side of the microphone. Interviewed by her husband, Edward, they[...]
Ego has no place in Business
Diem and Werna Fuggersberger are the founders of Berger Ingredients, a manufacturing company that focuses on wet and dry ingredients[...]
Want greater results and impact? Learn to lead better
Most of you know Edward Plant as co-founder and head coach at the Institute for Couples in Business. Others know[...]
Coffee with conscience is a joyful combination
A global search for joy led one visionary couple to create a conscious business which not only supports their family[...]
Take control of conflict and turn your life around
We go Stateside (or at least our phone line does) for this episode of Boardrooms and Bedrooms with Joel and[...]
Learning to let go in order to grow
Andy and Angela Smith are the owners of Dr. Drip, a highly successful plumbing business based in Sydney, NSW. They[...]
Save your marriage and boost business using the power of presence
  Dr Dan Hanson is an internationally recognised expert in dentistry. He specialises in early interceptive treatment of soft tissue[...]
Friendship and fun first for these business best buddies
  Fun and friendship are at the top of the agenda for this cigar-smoking, scotch-swilling, golf-loving duo who are pros[...]
Mixing work, family and fun on a global stage
It’s always so inspiring to meet a couple in business together who have mastered the art of integrating business, fun[...]
The power of vision and endurance
This is a big call, but Peta and Brennan Fielding of Burleigh Brewing Co. are hands down one of the[...]
Welcome to the podcast for couples in business!
We were inspired to create this show around the same time that we realised the number of couples running businesses[...]