Not Being Clear on Your Roles Will Be Costing You

By Edward Plant

For a Couples Business one of the most important things in your business (and life) you NEED to get across is roles.

Let me talk about in your personal life first.

At home we have different roles and jobs. Sometimes the roles change and we swap hats. But we have them.

Take what Rebecca Plant calls “Man Jobs”, they are some of my roles – think bins, lawn mowing (though I am getting our 6-year old to do this for a ‘treat’).

So I thought about this the other night when I walked into the boys toilet (we have a 6yo and a 3yo). And I looked at the job someone had done on the putting a new roll on the toilet holder.

Arguably a really important job in any house – there is nothing worse than sitting down to go to the toilet and getting to the end and there is no toilet paper!!!

But I digress…

So someone has taken on the job of changing the toilet paper. Great initiative and really helpful. The problem (see above picture) is they may not have executed that as well as one may hope.

This presents a few opportunities. One could be to get in and fix it or two, train them to do it better or the third could be that they are not suited to that job and its better if someone else does it.

You get it that I’m not just talking about toilet paper here don’t you.

This translates straight to business.

There are going to be people, your partner included, that don’t do a role or job the way you want it. Your natural inclination to jump in and fix it or do it for them will keep you in the same problem moving forward.

The other option is to train them or move the role to someone else. The reality is some people won’t naturally do some things well. Their strengths don’t lie in what you are asking them to do.

At the end of the day a huge friction point we see in couples in business is not being clear on roles. Its quite often where we start in the Institute for Couples in Business.

Get clear on your roles and your partners roles.

So who do you think replaced our toilet roll?

My money is on my wife Rebecca Plant and I’m off to have a tough conversation with her (lucky we have frameworks for these conversations)

As always let me know if I can be of any assistance, whether that’s through reaching out for a “PowerMe” complimentary support call or getting help to establish your roles.


PS Did you pick up that I was talking about Toilet “ROLLS” and “ROLES”!!!!



About the Author

Edward is the Co-Founder and Lead Strategist at the Institute for Couples in Business. When he’s not nutting out smart strategies you’ll find him hanging out with wife and business partner Rebecca and his sons Samuel, 4, and Charles, 2. For the past seven years Ed has been working with business owners to double profits, halve hours and build self-sustaining business that thrives with or without you. Ed is also author of #1 best-seller Lead-The-Ship and a sought-after guest speaker who often gets mistaken for Prince Harry.