How to Avoid Double-Handling

By Rebecca Plant

Rebecca & Edward Plant 25

Welcome back to the Boardrooms and Bedrooms podcast, for today’s SuperPower Secrets Session.

It’s the time we dedicate to giving you the ‘How to’s’ for the challenges and problems, as well as the solutions, which are triggered by our conversations with other couples, like you, who are in business together and who so generously and openly share with us each week on this show.

These sessions are short bite-size hacks that turn the conversations in to real, tangible solutions for you.

They are built through the work we do inside the Institute for Couples in Business, as well as our own personal experiences – of which, after almost 10 years, there are plenty!  And today’s episode, we’re going to look at one of the key factors to making your operation run more smoothly, more quickly if that’s your desire, and with a lot less friction.

Today, we are talking about How to Avoid Double-handling.

There’s two situations where we see the frustrations of double-handling most:

The first is with a couple who are just starting out in their together business and have grown really quickly.

The second is with couples who have been doing it for a long time, but are either transitioning their roles, or bringing on a much larger team.

While these two phases of business are very different, their needs to solve this kind of problem can be brought back to a few key steps.  That’s where we’ll start our discussion today.

This episode was inspired by Dan and Janelle Bridges’s story.  You can check out that conversation on our website,

For now, we’re dedicating this hack session to sharing with you:

  • What happens to you (separately and as a couple), your team, and your clients, if double-handling happens too much
  • The reasons your partner keeps doing this
  • How to deal with the frustration that comes with this problem, without making the situation more fiery, ie worse
  • Three things you can do to stop this behaviour in its tracks.

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About the Author

Rebecca is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Institute for Couples in Business. Bec is also trusty wife to husband and business partner Ed, and mum to Samuel, 4, and Charles, 2. For the past seven years Bec has been working with business owners, and her Super Powers include making complex problems simple, creating strong connections, and motivating teams by building kick-arse culture. Bec is also author of #1 best-seller Lead-The-Ship and hosts popular podcast Boardrooms & Bedrooms.