Change your mindset, change your business

By Edward Plant

There’s one very simple thing you can do today to improve your business momentously.

This game-changing tip comes via the king of hustle, Gary Vaynerchuk. And while I’m not a huge Gary Vee fan, the serial entrepreneur/founder and CEO of VaynerMedia captures in this short clip one of the components that Bec and I have built our lives around.

It’s also key for all couples in business to evolve and get right because it impacts everything you do and what your business can achieve.

So what’s the big key?


If you can excuse the profanities, Gary Vee offers up a super simple formula for creating community. That process starts with mindset. And mindset comes down to the people who you surround yourself with. It’s as simple as removing something negative and replacing it with something positive.

In my peronal life, I only want people around me, my kids and my family who are superb human beings, great role models, people who inspire and challenge us, and support us to be better.

This is the same for our businesses. We want people working with us who are going to support each other, help one other grow to the next level, and maintain a positive, inspiring vibe.

This is one of the reasons we created the Institute for Couples in Business. We want to nurture an environment for couples to ‘hang’ with other awesome, supportive couples who will life themselves and others to do business better.

Within the Institute for Couples in Business we support the Facebook Group, we support our members in the Million Dollar Implementation Program and our PowerHouse community. We inspire, challenge and stretch couples to the next level.  It’s this community that allows couples to grow and evolve quickly.

So have a think…

Who do you need to remove from your circle?

Who do you need to add to your support crew?

Continue the conversation over at the Couples in Business Facebook community, where I recently posted on this topic. We’d love to get your take on community and mindset, and share how others tackle this in their business.


About the Author

Edward is the Co-Founder and Lead Strategist at the Institute for Couples in Business. When he’s not nutting out smart strategies you’ll find him hanging out with wife and business partner Rebecca and his sons Samuel, 4, and Charles, 2. For the past seven years Ed has been working with business owners to double profits, halve hours and build self-sustaining business that thrives with or without you. Ed is also author of #1 best-seller Lead-The-Ship and a sought-after guest speaker who often gets mistaken for Prince Harry.