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By Rebecca Plant

Joel & Julie Landi

We go Stateside (or at least our phone line does) for this episode of Boardrooms and Bedrooms with Joel and Julie Landi. This dynamic husband-and-wife team are founders of The Performance Group, a consultancy service which provides corporate conflict resolution and emotional intelligence skills to companies and professionals around the world. Enquire now for our online business training services in Australia. 

Between them they have 45 years’ experience, both working together and in their own careers. It was the struggles that they experienced within their own relationship, which took them to the brink of divorce, that provide the basis for their expertise in conflict.

Their newest venture, Power Couples, helps men and women balance the demands of their careers with the needs of their marriage. These are couples who are feeling the strains of their success and want to end the power struggle to enjoy more intimacy and impact.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Their work at The Performance Group.
  • The backstory: how hardship led them to work together.
  • Combining their strengths to build a business based shared beliefs.
  • Why they almost divorced after 7 years of marriage.
  • How their final conflict resolution led to an unexpected fresh start.
  • The turning point that led Joel to ask, Do you want to start again?
  • The spiritual transformation: “When people lose their way, they lose their why.”  
  • Drawing on their own suffering to support other couples.
  • The key signs that your relationship is on the rocks.
  • Learn the behaviours and attitudes that can poison your marriage.
  • The power of vulnerability and the take that privilege seriously.
  • Top three things couples can do to resolve conflict.
  • “Marriage doesn’t fail… It’s just one or both people let go and they give up.”
  • Why you must remove anger from the decision-making process.
  • The blind man and elephant metaphor (getting to the truth of the conflict).
  • How the Boardroom is reflected in the Bedroom.
  • “Be a student not a judge of your spouse”.
  • What they know now, that they wish they had known in the beginning.
  • The importance of understanding each other’s ‘Love Languages’.
  • Expect your partner and dynamics to change (and be excited by that).

Episode resources:

For more about Joel and Julie’s work at The Performance Group, visit www.theperformancegroup.us and www.tpgpowercouples.com.

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About the Author

Rebecca is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Institute for Couples in Business. Bec is also trusty wife to husband and business partner Ed, and mum to Samuel, 4, and Charles, 2. For the past seven years Bec has been working with business owners, and her Super Powers include making complex problems simple, creating strong connections, and motivating teams by building kick-arse culture. Bec is also author of #1 best-seller Lead-The-Ship and hosts popular podcast Boardrooms & Bedrooms.