How to Have a Fight
Wish you were skilled up at school on how to actually have a fight that didn't leave you still frustrated,[...]
Balanced Growth Challenges
Challenge #2 Too Complex Complicated is HARD.  I don’t like hard. This doesn’t mean I don’t mind hard work, I[...]
Not Being Clear on Your Roles Will Be Costing You
For a Couples Business one of the most important things in your business (and life) you NEED to get across[...]
Balanced Growth Challenges
It’s time to make the shift from a REACTIVE growth plan (read: hard), to a PROACTIVE growth strategy (read: easy).[...]
Are you Herding Cats?
As business owners, when something needs to be done there's a temptation to just roll up our sleeves and do[...]
Be Like a Journo in your Relationship
I was at a BBQ the other day and a friend asked me: “Did they teach you how to ask[...]
Hustle is Wrong
Hustle is what is wrong with our society… In today’s society it is promoted and encouraged to hustle. To work[...]
Step Up Your Leadership, Step Up Your Results
Ed: Everyone in the marketplace at the moment is telling you need to be a better leader doesn't matter whether[...]
Own your leadership position
Attention: Women who work with your husbands. Don’t be fooled by the manly and corporate nature of the word LEADERSHIP[...]
Hey boys, it’s time to MAN UP
I’ve been speaking to women a lot, lately. But ***MEN***, this one is for you… What I’m about to say[...]
Working to your TRUE capacity
The problem is not that you can't fit it all in. The problem is that you think that you can.[...]
Stop your wife from sacking herself (again)
My wife Rebecca Plant recently wrote a post about throwing in the towel because you can't stay connected and make[...]
Can you make cash and stay connected?
Please, stop right there. You DO NOT have to stop working together in order for the sex to be good[...]
Are you missing a HUGE opportunity?
So I get it. Not all couples run the one business together. There are many couples out there who individually[...]
How to join the ‘working ON the business’ club
I’m a bit sick of hearing the line: “I’ve got to work on the business more.” I think it’s BULLSHIT.[...]
Leadership means letting go
LEADERSHIP isn’t a set of ‘things’ that you have. It’s not a manual that has a bouncing ball to follow.[...]
WOMEN, PLEASE stop trying to do it HIS WAY
I've just gotten off the phone with a woman who saw me speak last week, pretty much swallowed the info[...]
5 reasons couples don’t do systems
During the 10 years that I’ve been supporting couples in business to earn more and work less, systems have been[...]
Why you don’t need systems in your business
Any coach worth his/her salt will be telling you that your business needs systems. Well, I’m going against grain here[...]
Rant! Busy is BULL(SHIT)
Have you heard this conversation? “How are you?” “Busy.” **WARNING! RANT COMING ON** It has become today’s acceptable standard. How[...]
Be the change
Reaching out for help and support isn’t easy to do because that means acknowledging you have a PROBLEM. Naming the[...]
How to avoid intoxication
A journalist just asked me: “What is the one thing you didn’t envisage when you set out to work your[...]
You Are Enough
What is the most played song in YOUR house right now? Since just before last New Year’s Eve, the most[...]
Simple communication hacks
I sometimes sit back and wonder what planet my wife is on and what is this strange language she is[...]
Why dads must make more time for their kids
Over the weekend I saw some statistics about fathers that I was blown away by and feel compelled to share.[...]
Change your mindset, change your business
There’s one very simple thing you can do today to improve your business momentously. This game-changing tip comes via the[...]
Couples in Business in the Sunrise spotlight
While many intelligent folk argue that Valentine’s Day is a total rort contrived by commercial interests, other more sensitive souls[...]
Man, why is it so hard to let go?
So this year I am blessed to be working a four-day week.   It’s a bit of a dream goal,[...]
Why guilt is good for you and your business
Ed and I made an important decision over the Christmas break and it’s stirred up some challenging emotions for us[...]
Get real on your vision — and reap the rewards
Everyone talks about vision and values being important. Most people, at a cursory level, get that they’re important. From what[...]
Stop doing crap jobs and Harness your SUPER POWER
What is your kryptonite? What is your SUPER POWER? Has your business ever been flying, like Superman (or woman), and[...]
BLOKES: Put down the tools and just LISTEN
MEN — PLEASE LISTEN UP. You DO NOT have to fix everything. I'm not loving that I am the one[...]
Freedom in business starts with strong leadership
A recent survey conducted by Suncorp revealed the top 10 reasons why people start their own Small-Medium. The main motivators[...]
Learn to let go and move past fights fast
Blow-up. Barney. Brawl. Call it what you like. They happen. And when you’re a couple who is living, loving, raising[...]
3 essential meetings for couples
Meetings. They’re a necessary evil. Necessary because we need to have them in order to stay organised and make progress in[...]
Help! My staff member got an offer elsewhere
A client called me up recently with a crappy dilemma. A key member of his team came to him to[...]
Shift your staff from average to awesome
One of my early mentors in business once joked, “Business would be easy if it wasn't for staff and customers.”[...]
Get your roles right and the rest will flow
Research has shown that the average worker only works two hours and 53 minutes in every eight-hour working block. Wow.[...]