Balanced Growth Challenges

By Rebecca Plant

It’s time to make the shift from a REACTIVE growth plan (read: hard), to a PROACTIVE growth strategy (read: easy).
The concept is simple.
You can either set some goals and react ad-hoc and work at it by yourselves.  This requires setting very aligned direction to keep you both satisfied, connected and on-track without tension.
Or, you can create a hands-dirty Battle Plan that spells out the exact steps you need to complete in the next 90 days to ensure no confusion.
You get the idea, but why does either plan often feel so hard to actually do?
There are many reasons why business couples together struggle to create a proactive plan that fulfils their needs and reaches their targets, but I know there are three specific challenges that keep couples from laying the plan and wholly committing to it.
The how-to of planning isn’t hard, but first, you need to overcome these challenges.
1. Too much Tension
The first challenge is that there is too much tension in relation to how things should be done.
The average couple in business is made up of two VERY different humans, who have very different skillsets, but neither of them are willing to let the other lead in their strengths.
They ask, “How do we create a growth plan that works, without arguing about it?”
Maybe the first reason you haven’t created a Battle Plan is because you have to get super clear on your Values, Direction and Path, then come up with the way to visually represent those ideas in to a strategy. If that’s your case, I totally understand, and I’ll show you the solution in a bit.
2. Too Complex
Maybe you have a plan that works in parts. The second challenge, then, is things get too complicated.
Why does the plan have to be complex?
You could be really great at identifying every path that a scenario could run and therefore make the plan so detailed because then you never have to think again – you just have to check stuff off. I get that.
Life is full with all the stuff, that capturing everything just feels like the most easy way to get a little control back.  I get that too.
You are not a complex person, but life can already feel like there’s so many elements that vie for your time. There’s too many balls in the air to not get the plan right.
3.  No Commitment
The  third challenge is you don’t have the right level of commitment to setting, then seeing through the plan, in the first place.
Let’s say you could stop arguing long enough to get a simple plan, but you don’t have the drive to actually see it through.  Where do you begin mustering up the stamina and desire to get it done?
A good Growth Strategy is useless if you don’t really want the end result.
If you’re largely affected by #1 and every time you go to plan or be proactive together you fight, Ed and I have got you covered.
Last year we spent 2 whole days with our clients sharpening their Communication skills.
What does that mean for you?
We have a dozen frameworks for helping you have successful fights, tough conversations and make better decisions faster.
Because, your relationship and business will suffer if you can’t nail this first thing.  You need to get this communication stuff sorted!
Once we know your situation, we give it to you in the right order so you can take a framework, install it in to your life and business and run it.
In each of these frameworks we tell you why it’s important, what it will solve, exactly how to do it and gives you a print out you can follow when you are IN the thick of it all.
You get the idea. Every roadblock, there’s a new framework to implement.
Why do I share that with you?
Because, if your challenge is “There’s too much tension when we work together”, then Ed and I have got you. This is personally my obsession (in our relationship and that of our clients’).
They are all available online and through our live coaching sessions.
If you don’t have a plan that you are totally committed to right now, or is overwhelming you, don’t stress. Ed is a master on this and he absolutely has your back.
Keep an eye out for the next emails where we’ll dive in to how to build simple growth plans and create a strategy that keeps you fully committed.
Rebecca “Proactive Planner” Plant

About the Author

Rebecca is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Institute for Couples in Business. Bec is also trusty wife to husband and business partner Ed, and mum to Samuel, 4, and Charles, 2. For the past seven years Bec has been working with business owners, and her Super Powers include making complex problems simple, creating strong connections, and motivating teams by building kick-arse culture. Bec is also author of #1 best-seller Lead-The-Ship and hosts popular podcast Boardrooms & Bedrooms.