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Welcome to the 6-Week Couples in
Business Transformer


  • World War 3 to calm discussions;
  • Juggling the lot to a sustainable balance;
  • Mixed priorities to clear goals and a unified vision;
  • Procrastination and distraction to action and implementation;
  • This is ‘F*&king Hard’ to simplified ease.

Dear Couple in Business,

We’ve know that you’re struggling and that sometimes it’s all just too hard.

Chances are you’re working crazy hours and barely managing to do any one thing justice. There’s no clear plan and even if you both want the same things, you can’t agree on how to achieve that.

Chances are one of you is hardly ever home, and even when ‘business hours’ are done, you’re pulling the moonlight shift. Chances are you’re fighting over work, and then feeling the effects at home. Chances are there’s never enough time to enjoy life outside of work (hobbies, holidays, date nights... what?).

 Chances are your health is suffering, as are your relationships and your sanity. And, in spite of your best efforts, your business isn’t getting the results that you want.

You know that something needs to change; something has got to give. You know that you need some tools, some skills and some support. You’re sick of struggling to figure all of this out yourself. It’s hard, slow and it’s exhausting, and there isn’t enough time.Enter your text here...

We have some good news for you! Seriously good news that can change the way you do business and life. Drumroll please... 

It doesn’t have to be hard. Full stop. There is a better, smarter way to work together and get the results that you want.

You can be the business that you set out to create. One that affords you income, security, satisfaction and freedom. You can learn the skills to work harmoniously with your partner to achieve a unified vision.

How do we know? Because we’ve witnessed hundreds of couples - just like you - make that shift. We’ve seen their businesses double and their personal lives transformed. 

You can do it too.

Edward and Rebecca Plant

Supporting couples to master the Art of Working Together since 2010.


“We were out of sync - we wanted the same thing but had completely different ideas on how to get there. Ed and Bec have been helping us get into alignment. The biggest issue for us was getting clarity. There were so many opportunities and so many paths that we could have taken, we really needed help to get clear on exactly what it is we want to do. Now we know that, we can move forward.”Enter your text here...

 ~ Julie and Jamie Stone


“I think it’s imperative to keep learning new things and be able to draw on someone with something new to share. Accountability is a big thing. No matter how enthusiastic and intelligent you are - at the end of the day you get busy. Unless you’ve got someone there kicking your arse if you don’t do things, they’ll always get done tomorrow.”

~ Craig and Selena Budgen

Craig And Selena Budgen

The 6 Week Transformer is for you if:

  • You and your partner experience conflict and fights;
  • You are struggling to balance the demands of your business and life outside of work;
  • You need clear goals and a unified vision with your partner;
  • You want a step-by-step guide to achieve those goals and get real results;
  • You want to see big results in your business within6 weeks;
  • You value the support of a husband-and-wife team who have worked with hundreds of couples in business around the globe.


Edward and Rebecca Plant share a name, a bed, two children and two businesses. They also understand the pressure that this crazy cocktail can put on your relationship and your business. 

Since Ed and Bec first started working with business owners seven years ago, the most rewarding results have come via couples in business together. Using smart strategies, leadership skills and team support tactics, Ed and Bec support couples to double their income and their time off without sacrificing their relationships.

 By defining and combining their strengths, couples can affect major change in their business and personal lives. The flow-on effects from each couple to their families, staff, clients and communities is what drives Ed and Bec to support couples in business on a global scale..

Meet Edward & Rebecca Plant


  • A deep understanding of the friction points holding your business back and a plan to overcome them;
  • Clarity on your roles, your goals and a unified vision;
  • A formula for minimising and diffusing conflict quickly;
  • check-square
    A system for finding and securing more time in your week;
  • check-square
    The tools unlock your Super Powers and harness your Genius;
  • check-square
    A renewed sense of empowerment;
  • check-square
    Established a rhythm for achieving consistent results;
  • check-square
    The exact steps needed to transform your business and your results in 6 weeks;
  • check-square
    A clear system to track and measure your success;
  • check-square
    A smarter, easier way of working together meaning less stress, more time and better results;
  • check-square
    A friendly community of Couples in Business who are facing the same challenges as you and can share their own solutions and support you in finding yours.


Couples who book in for our next program will get exclusive access to a BONUS Partner Empowerment Plan. This plan guides you through the exact steps you need to take to support your partner stepping up and into their Genius to achieve the best results for your business.

This valuable, proven resource — including video instruction and worksheet — is usually only made available to our Boardroom clients but is included as a once-only offer for those who book for the next scheduled program.

Are you ready to Transform your business and your life?

The "YES, I’m Serious Tax"

It's really simple...
I ONLY want serious and smart business people on the line with us.

Which is why we have the "YES, I'm Serious Tax".To secure your place in this program, you pay $1200. 

We do this to stop mediocre, uncommitted business folk from showing up and taking up valuable time.This means you and your partner get more time and attention to focus on your business during each session.

There Is Only One Catch Though...

Our clients happily pay thousands for these plans, advice and strategies with us. Given that we’ve only just met, I want it to be easy for you to come and work with us for the first time.

I can only take a small number of Couples on this program. Rather than this being ‘cookie cutter’ experience, I want you to get specific advice that is relevant to you right now.

We only run this program a few times each year and each time is fills up fast. To avoid disappointment and prolonged pain in your business, jump on board before the spots fill up.

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Are you ready to Transform your business and your life?

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