3 essential meetings for couples

By Edward Plant

Essential Meetings For Couple


They’re a necessary evil.

Necessary because we need to have them in order to stay organised and make progress in business.

Evil because they consume a lot of time; often wasted time.

Having the right meetings with the right people and covering the right agenda is super important for business owners wanting to maximise productivity and results.

If you don’t get this right, you end up stuck, stressed, frustrated, your team is unproductive and yep, you guessed it — you’ve wasted your precious time.

Once you get this right, an effective meetings strategy provides a great rhythm that supports your business growth and also helps you to improve your culture.

In this blog I cover off the 3 essential meetings you should be having to make your business grow faster and reduce the pain points in your operation.



The Husband-and-Wife ‘Sort Your Life’ Meeting

This is specifically for husband and wife business owners, but you can adapt it for yourself if you’re working in a partnership or as multi-directors.

This meetings covers off all of the things that set you and your family up for the best week.

Every Sunday, Bec and I sit down and we go through what’s happening for the week — what appointments we’ve each got, when we’re each having the kids, who is going to do the dinners, what’s going to make both of our lives her life easier, and how we can support each other to make it all possible.

Sometimes this takes five minutes. Sometimes there’s a heap of moving parts, and we’ve got to organise babysitters and different things and get it all planned.

This meeting changes our life.

Every time we do it, we have a better week than when we don’t. So that’s the number one.


The Directors’ Meeting

Every multi-director business needs a directors’ meeting every week.

Normally Bec and I do ours on a Monday.

We go through our key statistics — we call them dials. We focus on what those dials are; we review those dials, and then we talk about major projects.

For example, in the last meeting that we had on Monday just gone, we were seeing some problems in the smooth operation of our business come up and we just focused on that for half an hour and talked about how we were going to solve it.


The Team Meeting

A team’s really important to get right and we can have a number of meetings that we do with teams.

When we first start working with business owners, especially husband and wife teams, they mostly don’t do team meetings.

You need to be having at least one. I would make that a weekly or fortnightly meeting, the structure and content of which depends on your business.

For example, those in the trade area might have a ‘toolbox talk’. In that meeting, you’d talk about current and new projects, safety, recurring problems that are being seen, and how to get them working together to resolve these.

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If you could use some more help establishing a good rhythm in your business, simply book in a free 15-minute strategy call here. In that call, we’ll cover off the main pain points holding your business back and set up some simple strategies to overcome them. You’re welcome!


About the Author

Edward is the Co-Founder and Lead Strategist at the Institute for Couples in Business. When he’s not nutting out smart strategies you’ll find him hanging out with wife and business partner Rebecca and his sons Samuel, 4, and Charles, 2. For the past seven years Ed has been working with business owners to double profits, halve hours and build self-sustaining business that thrives with or without you. Ed is also author of #1 best-seller Lead-The-Ship and a sought-after guest speaker who often gets mistaken for Prince Harry.

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