Why business meetings reignite the love spark

By Rebecca Plant

Online Business Coach

Krystal and Curtis Jackson founded their business, Jackson Strength, to help both athletes and run-of-the-mill individuals to maintain their health and fitness.

Before they started Jackson Strength, Krystal was an All-American volleyball player and Curtis is an accomplished college volleyball player. Their amazing careers as sports individuals paved the way into creating the business.

They have continued to train as a family that has helped both their relationship as a couple in business as well as their time for their children.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How these two athletes are able to make fitness and health their business.
  • Why is it important for families to work out together?
  • “If your kids see you taking care of yourself… your kids are automatically, hopefully, going to instill that in themselves”
  • How are they able to manage their business in San Diego from Montana.
  • Why Curtis hunt the meat that they eat at home.
  • How working out together as a couple keeps their relationship strong.
  • How their “systems” work for their business.
  • How they balance work and family with their business set up.
  • “If there is a good system, there is no decision to be made, they just go by the system”
  • How they resolve disagreements with their marriage and business.

Episode resources:

For more about Jackson Strength, visit http://www.jacksonstrength.com

Their individual websites are www.curtisrjackson.com and www.krystaljackson.com

Their social media handles are @jacksonstrengthacademy, @krystaljackson12 and @curtisrjackson

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